Hedley Cemetery

April 5, 2013

Visit Hedley’s cemetery and Masonic cemetery for a glimpse of the past in the Similkameen.  Many grave markers cite the ‘flu epidemic for the fallen, while today mountain blue birds nest in boxes build specifically for them along the fence posts.

If you pay careful attention to the grasses, you will be rewarded with glimpses of Mariposa lily (Calochortus), Frittilaria, and Asparagus.  Watch out for the cacti!  If you have a dog running loose he or she will be sure to find it.

Due to regulatory hurdles,  no additional burials are currently allowed.  (If you are interested in joining a committee to work on re-opening or maintaining the Hedley Cemetery, please send a note to hedley.bc.videos@gmail.com with Cemetery in the subject.)

There have been issues with the cemetery from when the land was first obtained for cemetery use. Hedley never owned the property where the cemetery is and the cemetery was suffering from neglect very early in it’s life.  The Gazette has some good articles all about it.

To see who’s buried at the cemetery and for a wealth of other information check out the Hedley Cemetery Society website.

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