The Amazing Mascot Mine Tour

September 20, 2011
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The Mascot Mine tour is a unique experience. The mine buildings were built on a cliff almost 1 km above the valley floor – an incredibly difficult place to build a mine! To get there, we’ll take the same winding, mountain road that was used to access the site during operations.

From the parking lot, we’ll enjoy a short nature hike, which will take us to the top of the mine’s famous stairs. We’ll catch our breath here and take in the fantastic view before descending 589 stairs to the main Mascot Mine Tour entrance.

At the site, you will be able to explore the original mine buildings, see how the operation worked and imagine what life was like here.

Now get ready – it’s time to climb back up the stairs! We’ll go slowly and there are lots of places to stop and take in the view.

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