Nickel Plate Provincial Park and Wilderness Camping

April 6, 2013
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    From Green Mountain Road, follow Apex Mountain Road through Apex Mountain Village to the Hedley Creek/ Nickel Plate Forest Service road. Follow this for about 4.5 km. Turn at the big rock and follow this road for 1/2km to reach the camping area. Access by four-wheel drive vehicles only.

High elevation camping- you’ll get winded if you’re not in shape!

Secluded and serene, the main attractions at this semi-wilderness park are fishing, hiking and winter recreation. Nearby is Lookout Mountain that overlooks the glaciated Nickel Plate Lake. At the north end of the lake, dotting the shoreline, are fascinating, huge boulders (erratics) deposited by receding glacial ice. The park also provides opportunities for Nordic skiing and snowmobiling.

Nature and Culture

History – Established December 14, 1938. Nickel Plate Lake has been the site of management activities by local rod and gun clubs and government agencies since the 1940’s. For many years it had been a popular fishing spot for residents of Hedley and nearby mining communities like Mascot. The first recorded management activity was the introduction of a freshwater shrimp species in 1944 by the Nickel Plate Rod and Gun Club. Subsequent actions by the club, and overseen by a game warden, included an extensive program to introduce new species of aquatic vegetation in 1950.

Conservation – In the surrounding forests, one can pick blueberries and other edible berries. Labrador tea, with its white blossoms and fuzzy, undersized leaves, can be found here. This plant was used by natives and early settlers to brew a relaxing drink.

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