Tubing on the Similkameen

September 19, 2011
  • Address:
    Sterling Creek Bridge to Hedley – 2 hours.
  • Notes:
    Tubes are generally available at the Hedley Country Market.

Floating down the Similkameen is one of the most idyllic things you’ll ever do. Trout nip at your toes, eagles circle and the world slows down.  If you don’t have a tube visit the Hedley Country Market where tubes are usually available for sale at very reasonable prices through the late spring and summer.

Start and End Points

Do not start tubing till July.

  • Bromley Rock to Pickard Creek – 4 hours.
  • Bromley Rock to Hedley – 6 hours.
  • Sterling Creek Bridge to Hedley – 2 hours.

Tubers Etiquette and Hints

  • Wear helmuts
  • Use a tube not an air mattress
  • Wear sneakers or water shoes not flip flops
  • Carry water
  • Children should be supervised
  • Do not tube alone
  • Pack out what you packed in
  • Respect private property, not every beach welcomes tubers.
  • Watch out for poison ivy
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